6 Free Things to Do in Port Douglas

6 Free Things to do in Port Douglas

F R E E. It’s the four-letter word that can light a spark in any holidayer’s heart. We can all agree that getaways can quickly become expensive and that sticking to a strict budget is often heart-breakingly boring. Luckily for you, your tropical trip to Port Douglas doesn’t have to cost you the world. You can still experience the greatness that exists in this sunshine-filled paradise – all for a sweet $0. And we’re here to tell you how. Here are the top six free things to do in PD!


One of the most amazing parts about Tropical North Queensland is the endless amounts of exploring you have right at your fingertips! Port Douglas and its surrounding locations are particularly spectacular for outdoor adventures. We have waterfalls galore for you to venture to, or you might just cruise around Port Douglas by car or bike to check out the to-die-for scenery! Don’t forget about the iconic Four Mile Beach – that heavenly beachside walk is always a winner.


As people of Far North Queensland, swimming is one of our all-time favourite things to do – and you can’t blame us with all of this tropical weather and sunshine! Guests can take as many pool days as they please by the expansive horizon setting at Pool Resort, and there’s an abundance of local swimming spots too. You won’t regret heading to the remarkable Four Mile Beach for a dip, and the magical Mossman Gorge is incredibly rejuvenating too (although you’ll need a bus pass for that haven!).

Rex Smeal Park

If you’ve checked out Port Douglas on Instagram, you’ve likely come across sensational images of this highly-photographed hotspot. Historically, Rex Smeal Park has been the ultimate place for a Sunday Session – and this seems to have changed to an every-day session if there’s such thing! All you’ll need is a picnic rug and some great company, and the buzzing atmosphere and stunning Coral Sea views will do the rest! We like to think it’s the ideal place for some soul-charging.


At the top of the list for activities that combine exercise with exploring is hiking! Whether you’d love a casual seaside walk or heart-racing trek, there are plenty of walking tracks and trails to see in Far North Queensland. The Bump Track in Mowbray Valley is one that’s not for the faint-hearted, but those who huff, puff and endeavour to make it to the top will reap the rewards. While we’ve established that these hikes are free, keep in mind that the feeling after reaching the top of any mountain = priceless!

Self Guided Tour

Pick up a self-guided tour map from the Port Douglas Tourist Information Centre to stroll through the town to discover its immense history. There are a few landmarks to check out that are scattered throughout Port, and stopping into the Port Douglas Museum near Anzac Park is a fantastic way to wrap up your explorations. The cruisy stroll through town alone is an underrated activity that really can be a blissful way to spend a quiet morning.

St. Mary’s & the Sugar Wharf

St Mary’s by the Sea Chapel and the famous Sugar Wharf are situated just moments apart, with both spots boasting views over the marvellous Coral Sea and the Daintree Rainforest. It’s worth stepping through the beautiful chapel on days that it’s open for viewing, and a walk along the Sugar Wharf is stunning as well. This location is lovely and quaint, making it the perfect place for an afternoon wind-down. There’s a tiny gorgeous beach too, from where you can watch the kids play on the nearby playground and swing set – it’s dreamy!


We hope that these tips have made it a little easier for you to decide which free activities you’d like to pack your holiday full of – after all, who doesn’t love to save a buck or two?

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