Fresh Water Holes around Port Douglas

Fresh Water Holes around Port Douglas

We all know that Port Douglas home to the extraordinary Great Barrier Reef, but our coastal town has also hit the jackpot when it comes to incredible fresh water swimming holes. And better yet, these secluded spots are tucked away amongst luscious rainforests, pristine creeks and beautiful gorges. That’s right, if you’re lucky enough to be visiting the tropics that we call home – welcome to paradise!

Here are some of our favourites that you don’t want to miss – this is the perfect guide to check out before you throw your togs on and start adventuring in FNQ.

Spring Creek & Falls

Located in Mowbray only a ten-minute drive from Pools, Spring Creek is the ultimate place for a day of rejuvenating in heavenly water and rock pools. Bask in the sun and kick back for some lush valley and mountain views in between taking a refreshing dip and watching the wildlife.

If you’re up for a challenge and love getting amongst nature, follow the creek up to the falls for a serious rock-hopping hike. It’ll take a couple of hours, but the breathtaking waterfalls along the way are completely worth it – this place is full of serenity! Feel free to ask the staff at Pools for further directions.

Mossman Gorge

An absolute ‘must-do’ during your travels through Port Douglas, this is a magical place to chill out and unwind. With picturesque views of mountains and forests, lay in the sun and watch as Mother Nature puts on a show around you. After you cool off in the pure gorge, join in on a guided Dreamtime tour to learn about the Indigenous Australians and their history within the surrounding ancient rainforest.

LOCAL TIP: To escape the crowds, walk up to the local’s favourite ‘Hippy Hole’ for your own little slice of heaven. This way, you can still experience this tropical haven, but you’ll have a little more peace and quiet.


This is where you’ll find all the locals when the tropical heat is getting a bit too much to handle! Stop in at the Shannonvale Causeway for an energising dip amongst the green canopies and rock pools. This is definitely the most family friendly spot for a splash – shallow and calm waters surrounded by sandy banks.

Shannonvale is a fantastic spot for an entire day of swimming and tranquillity. Be sure to take a mask and a snorkel along to get up close and personal with the friendly fish, turtles and eels that reside in the creek!

Syndicate Road

This is another awesome swimming location where you can expect some epic tropical views and quality relaxation time with friends and family. There are a few different access areas along Syndicate Road, so make sure to go for a drive along the cane fields to find the best spot for you.

Anich’s Bridge is one of our favourite hang-outs for a cool down – it is the best for a fun-filled day of tubing down the river! It doesn’t get much better than this type of fun in the sun, but please be cautious during wet season as flash flooding is common.

Cape Tribulation – Masons & Emmagen Creek

Take the scenic drive through the historical Daintree Rainforest to explore these hidden gems that Cape Tribulation has to offer. This day trip adventure is for those who want to take a look at the untouched areas of FNQ – do yourself a favour and see for yourself how out of this world these fresh water streams are!

Masons swimming hole is the ultimate place to surround yourself in nature and jump into the crystal clear H20. You’ll probably come across some some sunbaking turtles that call this spot home!

A little further north is where you’ll find Emmagen Creek. It’s definitely an unbelievable place for a dip, and there is a beautiful walking track through the forest where you can discover the flora and fauna of the wet tropics. Oh, and don’t forget about the rope swing into the water – so much fun!


Don’t miss out on seeing these amazing swimming spots when exploring Port Douglas! Please let us know if you have any questions – we can’t wait to hear about your travels

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