School Holiday Activities in Port Douglas

School Holiday Activities in Port Douglas

If you’re ready to hit the road for the school holidays to create unforgettable memories with your family, all it takes is an adventure to the beautiful seaside town of Port Douglas! There are endless activities and phenomenal things to see that’ll be sure to keep everybody entertained for weeks on end. If you or the kids haven’t cuddled a koala or fed a crocodile yet, now’s the time!

Here are the very best options to start with – aim to get through them all to get the most out of the trip. Have fun!

Wildlife Habitat

Kids LOVE animals, and Far North Queensland has plenty of them to share around! Bring the family for some breakfast or lunch followed by a cuddle with an adorable koala, or a hand-feed with the wallabies.

There’s so many creatures that you will cross paths with here, from tree kangaroos and birds, to snakes and crocodiles. An adventure to the Habitat is excellent school holiday entertainment, and parents are bound to love it too.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Imagine if when your kids return to school, they can share stories of feeding a monster croc! From Port Douglas, a 30-minute coastal trip to Hartley’s is a no-brainer for an epic holiday experience.

Take a guided tour to discover all sorts of weird and wonderful flora and fauna. Better yet, jump on the river cruise and get ready to spot the salt water crocodiles in their natural habitat – being a fly on the wall when these beasts jump up by the boat to snap their food is a sight you’ll never forget!

Great Barrier Reef

What better time to tick the GBR off your bucket list! It doesn’t get much better than heading out on the snorkel and dive boats for the day to discover the natural beauty of the underwater world.

There are plenty of experiences to choose from when it comes to exploring this World Heritage Listed area; on Quicksilver, you can visit the extraordinary multi-activity pontoon, Reef Sprinter can take you to the sensational secluded island of Low Isles, or visit three sites in one day on Calypso!


FNQ is home to an abundance of swimming spots that are truely out of this world, and you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself. Getting outdoors and frolicking in the refreshing creeks is really the best way to spend your time in the tropics.

The Mossman Gorge is an unmissable haven where you can relish in the pristine waters and explore the historic surrounding rainforest. There are endless magical creeks and spectacular waterfalls to discover too!


See the world’s oldest tropical rainforest from flying high above in a Skyrail gondola. This unique experience is as eye-opening as it is beautiful, and it’s one that you’ll regret not doing in Tropical North Queensland.

This cabin journey through the luscious surrounding mountains and forests makes for a memorable adventure in the gorgeous Cairns region. You and the kids will love being immersed in this rainforest that is some 60 million years older than the Amazon!


The kids will never be bored when there’s this much to offer in Port Douglas, and after all, fun is what the school holidays are all about.

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