10 Reasons to Visit Port Douglas This Winter

10 Reasons to Visit Port Douglas This Winter

It’s summer all year round in sunny Port Douglas, and despite the tropical climate, winter takes the cake for the most enjoyable season of the year. 

If you’d rather be basking in the warmth during this typically chilly time, our team at Pools has you covered. We know where we’d rather be! 

Sunny Days

The heavenly days during winter are reason enough to visit paradise in FNQ. The Dry Season is known for its consistent summer warmth without rain and humidity, which makes each day as perfect as the next. Make the most of the sunshine and spend your days swimming at Pools. 

Ideal Swimming Conditions

While you may get sunny winters elsewhere, being able to jump into the ocean during these months is something special. With refreshing water temperatures and no stingers in the sea, you won’t go wrong with Great Barrier Reef adventures and days at the beach.

Recharge Your Batteries

Give yourself a break! We’ve reached the half way mark for 2018, so an escape mid-way through the work or school year will well and truly be on the cards. Spend your days perched up under a palm tree on Fourmile Beach and watch the world go by. 

Whale Season

This is your chance to experience majestic whales migrating from the south in Port Douglas. When visiting the reef, you’re likely to come across some singing Humpbacks or dancing Minke Whales whose beauty will leave you in awe. 

If you’re travelling with Silversonic, you may get to jump in and swim alongside the ancient mammals.

Cya Later Flu!

Say goodbye to the flu with a daily dose of vitamin D and the salty sea. Whether you’re prone to the seasonal cold or just think prevention is key, you can escape the pesty flu season with a trip to Port Douglas. Believe us when we say that there isn’t much a day by the pool and some juicy tropical fruits can’t fix! 

School Holidays Getaway

This coastal town has so much to offer if you’re stuck on ideas for kid’s entertainment these holidays.  From croc spotting at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures to cuddling koalas at The Habitat, you’ll never be short on exciting family outings. For a more relaxing adventure, hire some push bikes or board the Bally Hooley train. While the kids play, you’ll still be able to enjoy and explore the tropics.

Sailing Season

The ideal sailing conditions are here to stay as the sun comes out and the wind picks up. It’s a one of a kind activity for old and new-timers, with views that will take your breath away. Travel with Sailaway, Aquarius or Indigo Charters to ensure a brilliant day on the water.

Meet and Mingle

Peak season calls for getting amongst the hustle and bustle. If you love exploring and making new friends, Port Douglas will be the place for you. You can head out on a weekend pub crawl along Macrossan Street or cafe-hop through town to meet some friendly locals or fellow travellers. 

The Ultimate Sunset

It doesn’t get much better than kicking back and watching a picturesque sunset. With the ideal weather conditions this time of year, you’ll be sure to catch more than one stunning twilight session. Spend your afternoon cruising on the Sailaway Sunset Catamaran for a once in a lifetime experience.

An Unforgettable GBR Experience

There is no better time to tick the Great Barrier Reef off your bucket list than winter in Tropical North Queensland. Days on the reef will typically consist of calm waters and crystal clear visibility – in other words, the perfect conditions! There aren’t many places where you can swim, snorkel and dive during this time, so take advantage of it. 



Make the most of your winter with a remarkable Port Douglas getaway – we can’t wait to meet you!

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